Registration opens September 25

About Tregnan Golf Academy

City of Los Angeles officials recognized the need for greater golf opportunities for youth. They envisioned a placed dedicated to young people, where youth could learn the game of golf, have fun, and be safe. From this dream came the opportunity of a lifetime-The Tregnan Golf Academy at Coolidge.

Built entirely by private donations and foundation grants, The Tregnan Golf Academy is a state-of-the-art training and practice facility designed primarily for youth. The Tregnan Golf Academy offers: three practice holes, 15-stall 200-yard driving range, putting areas, chipping area, practice bunker, and Learning Center.

About Marty Tregnan

Marty Tregnan was a passionate advocate of junior golf. Believing that golf fosters honesty, integrity, and character, Marty was an advocate for the development of junior golf programs and tournaments for the City of Los Angeles. As an aggressive champion of the rights of public golfers for over 40 years and, as president of the Municipal Golf Association, he fought to keep golf accessible and affordable for all. This Academy bears his name in recognition of his dedication and commitment to junior golf.

Mission Statement

Tregnan Golf Academy's mission is to introduce the game of golf to youth and provide them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to play the game their whole lives. The focus of the academy is to reach out to young people from urban areas that have little or no exposure to the game of golf by making the Academy accessible, affordable and enjoyable.


Code of Conduct

City of Los Angeles Junior Golf takes great pride in the quality of its players, host facilities, and at each event. In order to continue offering a high quality, enjoyable experience for everyone, all participants are required to follow a set of guidelines known as the Player Code of Conduct. These guidelines are intended to promote growth and maturity by understanding and accepting consequences of their actions. The Player Code of Conduct is to be followed throughout the event.

Click HERE to view the Player Code of Conduct.

Current Academy students have access to a variety of programs:

  • 9-Hole Tournament
  • Family Golf
  • Golf Classes (Ages 5-17)
  • Junior Executive Tournament
  • Junior Seminars
  • Little Linkster Program
  • Clinics and Camps
  • Open Practice Time
  • Career Development


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