The City of Los Angeles Golf Advisory Committee was created in 1996 to act in an advisory capacity to the Department of Recreation and Parks General Manager and the Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners regarding matters concerning the operation and maintenance of the City golf facilities. Specific duties of this volunteer committee include advising the General Manager regarding:

  • Adoption of specific rules and regulations pertaining to the use of City golf facilities
  • Changes in the golf rates and fees
  • Physical changes or improvements to municipal golf courses that would be beneficial to the golfing public
  • Adoption and implementation of golf capital improvements
  • Duties and obligations of golf facility concessionaires and lessees
  • Policies and procedures affecting golfers, marshals, and public relations
  • Capital improvements

GAC Representatives

Representatives to the Golf Advisory Committee are from the City's golf course clubs, the Municipal Golf Association, Women's Public Links Golf Association, Southern California Golf Association.

Representative Golf Course Represented
Steve Bloom Griffith Park Golf Club
Ted Winship Hansen Dam Men's Golf Club
No representative Griffith Park Women's Golf Club
Michael Berumen Griffith Park Senior's Golf Club
No representative Hansen Dam Women's Golf Club
Rosemary Menard Harbor Park Women's Golf Club
Gene Gimenez Harbor Park Men's Golf Club
Betty Brix, Chair Penmar Women's Golf Club
No representative Penmar Golf Club
Marcy Valley, Vice Chair Rancho Park Women's Golf Club
Thor Tandberg Rancho Park Golf Club
No representative Rancho Park Senior's Golf Club
Steven Yablok Roosevelt Golf Club
Anne Matthews Sepulveda Women's Golf Club
Virgil Budhu Sepulveda Men's Golf Club
Dan Koenig Sepulveda Senior's Golf Club
No representative Woodley Lakes Women's Golf Club
Kelly Chase Woodley Lakes Men's Golf Club
Kevin Fitzgerald SCGA
Larry Cloud MGA
No representative WPLGA

General Meeting Information

• Meetings are scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)
• Golf Division Conference Room (unless otherwise noted)
      3900 West Chevy Chase Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90039
*** Until further notice, meetings are held online. Links, agendas,
      and additional information will be posted below. 

2021 GAC Meetings
January 25
March 15
May 17
June 21
July 19
September 20
November 15 

GAC Meeting & Agenda Files Available for Download

To obtain archived files of previous Golf Advisory Committee meetings, contact the Golf Division at (818) 246-1256.

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