Senior Citizens Lifeline Golf Program


Qualified Seniors will be issued a card, by the Reservation Office, verifying eligibility that will entitle them to a discount equal to 50% of Weekday Green Fees. Purchase of a Golf Reservation Card is not required. For more information call: (818) 291-9980.


  • Senior Citizen (65 years or older)
  • Resident within the City of Los Angeles
  • Qualify for the Department of Water and Power Lifeline Rate exemption or qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) from the Social Security Administration
  • Additional identification, showing proof of age and residency within the City of Los Angeles, may be required


Green fees under the Senior Citizens Lifeline Golf Program apply to all courses, except Holmby Park, for Non-Holiday Weekday Play after 12:00 noon.


Golf Courses Monday – Thursday Friday
18-Holes Golf Courses (Except Rancho Park & Wilson) $15.00 $17.00
Rancho Park & Wilson Golf Courses $16.50 $18.50
9-Holes on Regulation (18-Hole) Golf Courses $8.00 $9.25
Harbor Park Golf Course $8.00 $9.25
Penmar Golf Course $7.25 $8.50
Roosevelt Golf Course $7.25 $8.50
Rancho Park 3-Par Golf Course $3.50 $3.75
Los Feliz 3-Par Golf Course $2.75 $3.25